What is your environmental footprint?

We use mostly compostable and/or recyclable containers. Our dream is to implement a "bring your own plate from home" system. If you feel your school would be a fit for this, please reach out. We use eco-friendly products in our kitchen for cleaning as well as try and limit our dishwashing when it's high heat in the middle of the day.

We are always looking to improve this element of who we are and are very passionate about giving back to the earth, rather than constantly taking. We are working on getting a sustainable compost program for our food waste and growing our own herbs and who knows, one day maybe having a small farm.

You're called Organic Kids L.A., is your food 100% organic? Non Gmo?

Using organic and/or NON-GMO ingredients is one of our top priorities. We do this not because it's a fad but because it's the only way to guarantee there are no pesticides or GMOs in what we are eating. Many foods do not need to be organic so we use simply NON-GMO if at all possible. If a product is not available organic or at least NON-GMO we assess if we really need it and if it's something that is actually not sprayed with chemicals already. We do all of this with price in mind because many of us still have that "school lunch is $1" mentality. (that's what they were when I was a kid)

As we all are aware, prices have skyrocketed for food. Organic or pesticide laden, it doesn't matter. Have you been to a fast food restaurant recently? Good, I hope not! :)

Restaurants, catering, fast food....everything has gone way up. But we are working hard with our vendors and farmers to make deals that lock in prices. One of our farmers has one square of land for our organic broccoli and organic cauliflower and that price is locked (for now).

If you would like to know about specific ingredients that are organic, please shoot us an email and we will be happy to go over whatever you have questions about: [email protected]

Why can't I simply place my order and then pay for it at the end?

You can if you choose MANUAL PAY. We give you the option to do both. If you go on AUTO PAY, you don't have to think about paying, you just need to keep placing your orders.

THINK OF YOUR OKLA ACCOUNT LIKE A CHECKING ACCOUNT. If you deposit $200 in your account, the money will be deducted each day your lunch is delivered. So if you've selected a few lunches that are $10, on Monday your account will be $190, Tuesday it will be $180, etc.

Doing it like this makes any cancellations or additions possible without having to debit or credit your card for each small change.

And again, if you go on MANUAL pay, with our new website it's much more simple if you want to order say a week's worth of lunches and then deposit that exact amount into your account.

What is the cut off time to order?

You can order any meal you would like online up until MIDNIGHT the night. Between Midnight and 7:30 am you can still order online but the menu is limited to only warm food. There is a $4 surcharge if you order after midnight. Please DO NOT email us a l last minute order or change. We really appreciate not having to place last-minute orders but we understand things happen. Please try to get into the routine of ordering at least a week in advance. Our kitchen operates so much better without last-minute changes. We do love orders placed as far in advance as possible. But if you want to order weekly or even daily, it's up to you.

On that note, how far in advance do I need to order?

We love orders as far in advance as possible. But if you want to order weekly or even daily, it's up to you. Just as long as your orders are placed before midnight the night before, you can order however you like!

What if my child is sick. Can I cancel my order?

If your child is sick or for whatever reason you need to cancel your lunch and it's the same day, you can do so online up until 7:30 am for a full refund. You do this in your account online. Please do not email us to cancel as we may miss it and then the the food will go to waste. Last note on this, please do not ask us after 7:30 am. In order for our kitchen to run smoothly, we have a strict 7:30 am cut off. Thank you!

What if I forget to order?

We know what it's like to be a busy parent so we have set up reminder emails. Every Sunday at noon, you will get an email letting you know what your orders are for the week ahead. Maybe you forgot to order or you wanted to add a smoothie or make a change to your child's existing upcoming orders - these reminder emails help. **Again, we so appreciate orders coming in advance.

Do you offer refunds?

In most cases, no. Please don't ask us for a refund unless you really and truly could not use up the money in your account and your child is leaving the school. We are not a bank and it's very difficult to operate a business if someone deposits money in September, doesn't use it for 6 months, and then asks for it back in the spring because their child decided to bring their own lunch. Please only deposit money in your account if your child wants to order our lunches. We stand by what we do and care beyond comparison about the quality of our food but it's not for everyone. Some kiddos just want mom or dad's PB&J and that's ok!

Trying new food for lunch?

If you have a picky kiddo, we try our best (check out our BENTO BOXES or plain pasta butter) to accommodate but if you think your child is not going to want our chicken tenders that are made from scratch when they are used to eating frozen tenders, school lunch is probably not the place to experiment. Our chicken tenders are not"fancy" in any way, they are just not processed and there is definitely a taste difference between food made from scratch and food that has been processed. We hope your kids will come over to the real food side but experimenting for the first time with school lunch may not be the place to start.

How do I sign my school up?

Contact us [email protected]