What is your environmental footprint?
Our warm lunches come in reusable boxes or trays depending on your school. They are BPA free and are washed in our high powered dishwashers in our facility. Your school returns them to us and you don’t worry about a thing! Some of the cold food is served in compostable containers.

What is this $10 reusable box fee?
Twice a year (September and January) we assess a $10 fee per child to help cover the tremendous cost of using reusable lunch boxes. We have weighed the benefit of fully compostable containers (the kind you find at Whole Foods etc) but our research has shown that most of those containers do not end up in compostable dumps so they don’t compost. Some cities have a compost trash service weekly. Los Angeles is not there yet but we are hoping soon. OKLA is constantly on the hunt to be more responsible to our planet – it’s an ongoing discussion and we have it often.

Cross Contamination of Ingredients
OKLA takes every precaution to prevent cross-contamination between allergens and to ensure the accuracy of the information presented. However, we cannot guarantee with absolute certainty that every entree will be completely free of trace amounts of allergens. Product substitutions that impact the allergen makeup of an ingredient, though extremely rare, may occur.
If your child has a SEVERE ALLERGY, please have a discussion with one our OKLA team members so we know about the allergy and can do our best to accommodate it. We make a special note in our system and keep an eye on those we know have severe allergies.
Please know that while we do our UTMOST to insure every child’s needs are attended to individually, just as we would if it was our own child, we will not be held responsible for any allergic reactions etc.

Do you have peanuts or tree nuts in your food?
We are a nut free facility.

Please explain your ingredients.
Using organic ingredients is one of our top priorities.
More and more people are “going organic” at home. However in the food service industry that is not the case. Buying organic food in bulk is still not the trend, and prices are high. We are working on that! This year 2018/2019 we have added in a “more info” button on our meals so you can see exactly what products are organic and which ones are NON GMO.
If you would like to know about specific ingredients, please shoot us an email and we will be happy to go over any and all with you: [email protected]organickidsla.com

What do you make from scratch? 
Most of our food is made from scratch. Our pizza (dough, sauce), fried chicken, waffles, chicken tenders, applesauce, choc chip cookies, all sauces, salad dressings, hummus, ranch, sunflower butter, all smoothies, sweet treats – made from scratch. In a world filled with quick and easy frozen meals and fast food, we choose to be different. It’s not brain surgery! Food made from scratch is better for you. It’s also better for children’s taste buds as they will learn to expect real food and maybe even say no to calorie dense, vitamin deficient “food” being sold to them like the bill of goods it is.

Why can’t I simply place my order and then pay for it at the end?
We tested our new site when we first built it last year and tried a traditional shopping cart. It was fraught with issues. Our cancellation policies are more lenient and we have lots more add- ons than other school lunch companies, so small changes wreaked havoc on the accounting.
We found a happy medium between what our old system was (buy credits and then place orders – but you wouldn’t know how many credits to buy) and the shopping cart.
With our NEW SYSTEM, you make your selections and then the system shows you how much it will cost. You can then assess how much money you want to put in your account ahead of time. If your account gets low, you can go in and put more in your account OR choose autopay and the system will automatically renew your account so you never have to worry about it.
THINK OF YOUR OKLA ACCOUNT LIKE A CHECKING ACCOUNT. If you deposit $200 in your account, the money will be deducted each day your lunch is delivered. So if you’ve selected a lunch that is $8 for the week, Monday your account will be $192, Tuesday it will be $184 etc.
Doing it like this makes any cancellations or additions possible without having to debit or credit your card for each small change.

Does the money in my account expire?
As long as we are at your school and your child is a student there, the money in your account will stay there for you to use. However, if your child is graduating and you have money left in your account and WERE NOT ABLE TO USE IT, email us and we will refund.

Do you offer refunds?
We do NOT offer refunds unless we did something to warrant it. It’s rare but human error is bound to happen. If we mess up in any way, we will absolutely refund your lunch order for that day. **Please don’t ask us to refund for any other reason.
Our staff is helpful but they are not magicians. If your child is getting lunch on a particular day, make sure you let your child know. Sometimes they forget to come and pick up their lunch. If that happens we will do our best to find them and give them their lunch but with busy lunch periods, usually there is little time.

How do I cancel/delete an order?
Go to your OrderLunch/Calendar on the menu (three stacked lines, upper left in your account). Look for the day you would like to delete or edit. Click on the menu item and then click “remove”. Since the $ does not get deducted from your account until the day it is delivered, there is nothing to refund. The money simply stays in your account.
You have until midnight the night before to make any changes yourself online. After that you will need to email us. To cancel any lunch and receive credit back, you will need to email us by 7:30 am SHARP the day of delivery.

Can I place a same day order?
All orders placed after midnight the night before delivery, will require you email us. **There is a $4 surcharge for all orders placed after midnight the night before delivery.

We upped this amount from last year as it’s just very straining on the kitchen having so many last minute orders. Midnight the night before should be plenty of time to get your orders in. 😉

On that note, how far in advance do I need to order?
We love orders in as far in advance as possible (2 months is great! – we try to have menus posted two months in advance but sometimes we are waiting to see how a new dish goes over before posting the next month). But if you want to order weekly or even daily, it’s up to you. Just as long as your orders are placed before midnight the night before, you can order however you like!

What if I forget to order?
We know what it’s like to be a busy parent so we have set up reminder emails. Every Saturday at 12 pm and Sunday at 5pm, you will get an email letting you know what your orders are for the week ahead. Maybe you forgot to order or you wanted to add a smoothie or a lemonade to your child’s existing order – these reminder emails help. **Again, we so appreciate orders coming in in advance.

Can I print out my monthly orders so I can keep track?
Absolutely – choose ORDERS LIST, right under KIDS in your account menu, choose by kid and by month to get a printable pdf. (NEW THIS SCHOOL YEAR)

Is there a How To with all this spelled out? 

Yes, the link is: